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Our new model of gas burner with flame modulation has got the same characteristics, for which we can certainly define it an INTELLIGENT BURNER. As a matter of fact, the said burner, that avails itself of the most advanced technologies, has the property to adequate the flame potentiality according to the request of heat by the furnace with a variation range of 1/10.
Max required potentiality: 200.000 Kcal/h
Min obtainable potentiality: 20.000 Kcal/h
With this kind of operation we can avoid thermic shocks to the melting-pot and assure in this way:
- a longer working life of the melting-pot
- a better homogeneity of the alloy
- a reduction of gas consumption

This new model of burner foresees a potentiality range from:
min 200.000 Kcal/h = 230 Kw
max 1.500.000 Kcal/h = 1.700 Kw
On request, we can supply burners with max potentiality of 5.500.000 Kcal/h = 6.400 Kw.

Our modulating foundry burners series can be manufactured in one of the following versions:
with base (as represented on the leaflet), with flanged automatic carrige + closing of the furnace hole with automatic extraction at every stop, with automatic carriage with base to be fixed on the floor or to another structure (suitable for overturnable furnaces), with manual slide with flange to be applied on the furnaces (manual extraction).

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